Funding, RPL and
data analytics

Our product Initial Assessments by AI is designed to simplify the complexity of funding calculations and effortlessly demonstrate how Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) impacts the funding you receive from the Apprenticeship Service.

Allow us to lead you through this process with clear and precise guidance, ensuring a seamless experience at every step. Additionally, we leverage the power of Data Analytics to add a new dimension to your data.

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01. Record and compare the training hours

Record the usual hours you would expect an apprentice to take on this standard and compare it aginst the average.

It's not mandatory

Yes, this field isn't mantory yet (outside of RPL), but we suspect it will be in the future!

02. Record and compare prices

Record the apprenticeship prices and compare these values against the baseline averages, this will give you some good insights. We have seperated the costs out (because that's what you do) and the system will generate the final price of this apprenticeship.

And if there's no RPL

Then job done, the system will produce the apprentice's final cost for you and keep the full record of how you got there.

03. But what if RPL applies

If Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is applicable, the calculation process might seem intricate. However, please rest assured that our funding page will handle the complexity for you. It will perform the necessary calculations and provide you with clear, detailed updates at each step of the process.

Be confident

That the costs you submit to the apprenticeship service will be correct and you can see calculation steps.