OpenAI and
how we use it

Our groundbreaking product, Initial Assessments by AI is set to revolutionize the way training providers approach initial assessments for their apprentices. By harnessing the immense capabilities of OpenAI, we're empowering training providers to conduct these assessments with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Initial Assessments by AI acts as a guiding light, aiding providers in thoroughly researching and understanding the intricate requirements of Recognised Prior Learning (RPL).

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01. Prior qualifications

Utilises OpenAI to identify the relevant qualifications that can enhance and expedite the apprentice's learning journey.

It's fun

Hard to believe, but it's fun to play with OpenAI!!

02. Prior Experience

Leverage OpenAI to explore pertinent experiences that could enhance and speed up the apprentice's learning process.

Let us know your thoughts

Leave feedback about the suggestions OpenAI is making. This is valuable as it will improve the AI model.

03. OpenAI Data sources

We ensure that OpenAI exclusively utilizes UK governmental sources and professional bodies when identifying the appropriate prior qualifications. This helps us achieve the highest quality and accuracy when determining this information.

You can ask it

Yes you can ask OpenAI where it got it's data from. But sometimes you have to ask it a few times :-(