Evidence, eligibility and

Our product, Initial Assessments by AI is meticulously crafted to assist you in conducting the necessary eligibility checks during the initial assessment process. It will securely store the required evidence for you and maintain a checklist of all mandatory checks that need to be performed.

Additionally, it will conveniently provide relevant information to the apprentice, employer, and assessor through a secure link. This streamlined approach reduces administrative tasks, ensures secure data storage, and establishes a singular, trustworthy source of information.

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01. Centralise evidence

Your data will be securely stored, regularly backed up, and accessible whenever needed, ensuring its integrity and availability.

It's safe and secure

Rest assured, your data in Azure is not only safe but also replicated and highly secure.

02. Compliance Checklist

We use a comprehensive checklist to ensure you have completed your eligibility and compliance checks. We're not removing or changing your current processes, we're letting you record that it's been done.

Keep it simple

We always strive to keep these processes as simple as possible.

03. Secure transfer of PII Data

We have created a new distinctive method for sending Personally Identifiable Information (PII) information securely through a new innovative sharing invention. This allows us to send specific data to apprentices, employers, and assessors with added security measures. Our approach provides far more enhanced security when compared to traditional email data transfers.

Feel confident

That the data can be made available when needed, safely.